A Spicy reunion is in the works!

A Spicy reunion is in the works!

The Spice Girls previously stated that they will never tour again after their 2007-2008 reunion, and Victoria and Mel C had also previously said that they weren’t interested in any reunion projects, but it seems like they changed their minds!

Spice World was rocked to its foundations today when the Spice Girls posted a picture of themselves on their Instagram accounts, hinting at a Spicy future and causing fans to lose their collective minds over the idea of a reunion. All five Spice Girls gathered at Geri’s home in Hertfordshire to discuss their plans. The meeting was originally slated to take place at a hotel, but the five women decided on Geri’s home to have a bit more privacy.

There aren’t any concrete plans yet beyond a few reunion shows throughout the UK, but we’ll definitely keep our eyes and ears open for more news.