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Geri patches things up with her in-laws

More than a year after Geri married Christian Horner, her relationship with her in-laws are now on the mend. Garry and Sara Horner did not approve of their son’s relationship with Geri, and they

Geri gets married!

It turns out that Geri’s wedding is a bit earlier than what was originally reported. Geri and her boyfriend, Christian Horner, the Team Principal of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula One team, got

Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner getting married next month; Victoria and Mel C are no-shows

After more than a year of dating and five years of knowing each other, Geri and her boyfriend, Formula One driver Christian Horner are tying the knot in West London next month. They announced

Geri, Mel C, and Emma still enjoy a night out even after a car crash

The car Geri, Mel C, and Emma were riding to get to their chosen hotspot on Saturday night collided with a black cab. Fortunately, it was a low-speed collision and nobody was hurt, although

Geri’s underwear line helps Next sales

Next may have had some jitters about its sales and profits, but fortunately, the company was helped along by its new clothing ranges, which includes Geri Halliwell’s new underwear collection. Of the underwear launch,

Geri and Henry split up

Oh dear, it seems that despite living it up in various paradises, all wasn’t well between Geri Halliwell and Henry Beckwith. The two split up earlier this month and one of the reported reasons

Geri is on holiday again

Or still? We’re not sure, but it certainly looks like Geri’s been doing nothing but frolic in the sun, sand, and sea lately. In this picture from Xposure Photos, she’s shown lolling about in

Geri unwinds and enjoys her holiday

Geri Halliwell certainly looks happy and relaxed nowadays, especially in recent pictures of her on vacation. Here’s one shot of Geri frolicking with boyfriend Henry Beckwith at Paloma Beach in Sain Jean Cap Ferrat

Geri flaunts healthy figure and a happy new attitude in Glamour

We’ve all known Geri to be the curvy one in the Spice Girls, and we were all pretty surprised when she unveiled a much trimmer figure after she left the group. Since then, her

Wedding bells for Geri?

Word is that Geri Halliwell’s mum recently met her boyfriend Henry Beckwith’s parents, further sparking talk that the two are set to get hitched soon. And further fanning the flames are sightings of Geri