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Mel B flaunts her abs on Instagram

This is scary. Scary awesome, we mean! Mel B just posted a post-workout selfie on Instagram. Talk about fitspo! 1hr Workout done and done 650 cal burned boom messy hair don't care #nofilterneeded A

Mel B mulling a move to Australia

Thanks to her ongoing stint with the Australian version of The X Factor, Mel B is considering getting Australian citizenship and moving Down Under permanently. She’s been renting a house in Sydney but is

Congratulations, Mel B!

And baby number three for Melanie Brown was born on September 2! Mel tweets: “Finally our baby arrives,Stephen nearly passed out,Phoenix screamed,I laughed so hard the baby popped out!!! She is just sooo amazing!!”

Fake Geri on Twitter tricks Mel B

Eek! It seems like someone posing as Geri Halliwell on Twitter played a little trick on Mel B. After a few tweets back and forth with Emma, Mel C, and the fake Geri, it

Mel B and hubby in threesome scandal

Oh dear, we have been naughty, haven’t we? An unnamed stripper has recently come out and claimed that she had a threesome with Melanie Brown and husband Stephen Belafonte! Brown and Belafonte were in

Mel B is getting sued

Word is that California-based company Bmedia is suing Melanie Brown for $500,000 for breach of contract and for defrauding them! According to Bmedia, a deal was inked between them and Mel B, which supposedly

Get Fit With Mel B

Scary Spice Melanie Brown’s workout video Totally Fit was totally adored by a lot of people when it came out–I gave it a go myself and the exercises are just really fun, and Mel

Mel B’s marriage on the rocks?

Rumor has it that Stephen Belafonte, Mel B’s husband, let slip that he and Mel are splitting up. Belafonte apparently announced the split himself in an emotional telephone outburst to a Sunday Mirror showbiz

Ready for The Mel B Project?

It looks like Scary Spice Melanie Brown is making her way back to TV very soon, via a new show called The Mel B Project. The former Spice Girls singer has agreed to be

Eddie Murphy patches things up with Mel B

Well, of course they’re not getting back together. But Eddie Murphy’s now making an effort to be a dad to the child he fathered with Mel B. Just recently, Eddie threw a party in