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Cheryl Cole slams the Spice Girls

If you and your friends want to be the next big girl band, just don’t tell X Factor judge and Girls Aloud member Cheryl Cole that you want to be the next Spice Girls–she’ll

Thoughts on the Spice Girls' comeback

Teenagers who were little girls and women who were teenagers during the era of the Spice Girls–all fans of the all-girl group–were ecstatic at the news of a Spice Girls’ comeback. Each of the

Thoughts on Geri's goodbye in 1998

With the kind of high the Spice Girls were riding in the 1990s, nobody really expected them to go on forever, thinking that their rise to fame was too fast that it would eventually

Do you really really want to be a Spice Girl?

Okay, maybe you can’t be an ACTUAL Spice Girl. But if one of your dreams is to sing your heart out to the songs of the Spice Girls and you’ve got a pretty Spicy

Check out the new Spice Girls Gallery!

Our gallery’s now located in a different portion of this website. Check out www.spicegirlsgallery.com/gallery to take a look at all the photos!

David Beckham's life to be turned into a musical

Well, we suppose anything could be turned into a musical these days, even the life of a footballer who is at the peak of his fame and career. David Beckham’s life story is going

Alternative fan-made cover

For their reunion last year, the Spice Girls unveiled an older, more glamorous look, complete with glittery costumes, glossy manes of hair, crystal-studded microphones, and soaring stiletto heels. It was definitely a stylish look,

Spice Girls concert stories wanted!

Hey everyone! We’re currently collecting stories and photos of fans who attended the reunion concerts of the Spice Girls. Please e-mail all stories and pictures to webmaster[at]spicegirlsgallery.com and we’ll post them here on Spice

Picture gallery update!

One photo of the Spice Girls during their early days have been added to Their Early Days section. Six photos of the Spice Girls during the height of their popularity have been added to

Victoria auctions off Spice Girls outfits

Posh Spice wore a lot of fabulous outfits during the Spice Girls reunion tour, and though they’re simply glamorous creations, she’s decided to auction them off to charity. The Spice Girl will sell six