Geraldine Estelle Halliwell is widely acknowledged as the sauciest of the Spice Girls and its determined, powerful spark plug. The petite flame-haired firecracker was born on August 6, 1972 to a Swedish father, Lawrence Halliwell, and a Spanish mother, Ana Maria Hidalgo. As a young girl, Geri was already able to look after herself, due to her parents’ busy schedules. This independent streak carried on all throughout her childhood and teenage years, when she managed to secure jobs and launch her modeling career.

She also embarked on glamour modelling, which involves topless or entirely nude photographs. This project signified her intense desire to achieve fame; the photographs eventually surfaced during her time with the Spice Girls. She also had a stint as a nightclub dancer in Mallorca.

Geri found out about the girl group that came to be known as the Spice Girls through a newspaper ad, but was sadly unable to attend the auditions. She managed to talk her way into auditioning though the auditions have been concluded, and was accepted for her personality and her drive rather than on the basis of talent; Geri is widely known to be the Spice Girl with the harsher voice that needed a lot of molding.

Life as Ginger Spice

Geri may have been the least skilled singer and dancer in the Spice Girls, but her unique style, mile-high shoes, brassy attitude, and joyful proclamations of “Girl power!” enthralled fans around the world. She may also be the most controversial one of the group, being a favorite of the tabloids, enduring criticism for calling Margaret Thatcher “the original Spice Girl,” and accidentally exposing a breast during the 1997 Brit Awards.

Overall, Geri served as the mother hen of the Spice Girls, continually pushing each member to develop and furthering the girl power cause. Her personality clashed with that of Scary Spice Melanie Brown’s from time to time, a thing that was evident even in the earliest years of the Spice Girls. She is said to be one of those who initiated the sacking of Simon Fuller, which eventually led to the Spice Girls managing themselves.

After the Spice Girls

Geri stunned fans all over by walking out of the Spice Girls and releasing a statement on May 31, 1998 through a spokesperson, confirming that she has “indeed left the Spice Girls.” Everyone was devastated, but at the same time, on her toes anticipating what to expect next from the artist formerly known as Ginger Spice.

In the years after the Spice Girls, Geri put on many different hats: solo artist, UNPF Goodwill Ambassador, and fitness advocate, releasing a few yoga videos. She was particularly involved in family planning, maternal health, and women’s rights. She has also won awards for her music.

May 14, 2006 saw a huge change come into Geri’s life: daughter Bluebell Madonna was born. During Bluebell’s christening, former fellow Spice Girls Melanie Chisholm, Emma Bunton, and Victoria Beckham were present, fueling speculations of a possible reunion.

Geri Halliwell’s solo albums

Schizophonic was Geri’s debut solo album released on June 7, 1999, unleasing four singles: “Look at Me,” “Mi Chico Latino,” “Bag It Up,” and “Lift Me Up.” “Look at Me” was especially noteworthy because of its video, which proclaimed the “death” of Ginger Spice.

1. Look at Me
2. Lift Me Up
3. Walkaway
4. Mi Chico Latino
5. Goodnight Kiss
6. Bag It Up
7. Sometime
8. Let Me Love You
9. Someone’s Watching Over Me
10. You’re in a Bubble

Scream If You Wanna Go Faster peaked at number 5 on the U.K. album charts and spawned hits such as “It’s Raining Men,” “Scream if You Wanna Go Faster,” and “Calling.” This album featured more ballads than her first release.

1. Scream If You Wanna Go Faster
2. Shake Your Bootie Cutie
3. Calling
4. Feels Like Sex
5. Circles Around the Moon
6. Love Is the Only Light
7. Strength of a Woman
8. Don’t Call Me Baby
9. Lovey Dovey Stuff
10. It’s Raining Men
11. Heaven and Hell (Being Geri Halliwell)
12. I Was Made That Way

Passion was to be Geri’s third and, so far, final album. It was especially unique in that it showcased a softer side of Geri as well as more improved vocals. “Ride It” and “Desire” were the two singles lifted from this album release, while “Love Never Loved Me” was the rumored third single that never materialized.

1. Passion
2. Desire
3. Love Never Loved Me
4. Feel the Fear
5. Superstar
6. Surrender Your Groove
7. Ride It
8. There’s Always Tomorrow
9. Let Me Love You More
10. Don’t Get Any Better
11. Loving Me Back to Life
12. So I Give Up on Love

Books by Geri Halliwell

Geri has always been known for her interest in literature and her fondness for writing. So far, she has penned two autobiographical books, If Only, which told of her life after the Spice Girls, and Just for the Record, which revealed her struggles with eating disorders. She has also launched her series of children’s books this year, starring a precocious girl named Ugenia Lavender. Geri has mentioned that she patterned Ugenia’s adventures after her own life.