She used to be driven to school in a Rolls Royce, a fact that embarrassed her so much she had to ask her dad to drop her off some distance away from her school in order to avoid any teasing from her schoolmates. That was probably a sign that Victoria Caroline Adams was going to have a very posh life indeed. Born on April 17, 1974, Victoria started her early years in Hertfordshire, with her parents Anthony and Jacqueline and siblings Louise and Christian.

Friends remember Victoria as being very ambitious, with one of them even saying, “She would ram it down everyone’s throats that she was going to be this big star.” Maybe Victoria’s even a little bit psychic! She was totally involved in performing from a young age, from dance, a bit of singing, and acting. She also auditioned for roles in theater, such as in Tank Girl where she came across future fellow Spice Girl Geri Halliwell for the first time.

Life as Posh Spice

Back in their earliest days, the rest of the Spice Girls, then known as Touch, would tease Victoria and call her the sexy lady of the group whom all the guys want, a distinction that had her blushing with embarrassment. Indeed, Victoria did seem like the most demure and quiet Spice Girl; in fact, she was pretty much in the background most of the time in the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” video. That set the tone for her image as a Spice Girl. It’s true that she wasn’t as loud as the other girls, but she was memorable all the same because of her sophisticated style, her unsmiling demeanor, and those smoky, piercing dark eyes. Her “little black Gucci dress” also caught people’s eye, as it’s far more streamlined and simpler than the usual bright colors associated with Spice Girl outfits.

As Posh Spice, she was not the strongest singer of the group, yet she was still able to contribute some very deep, elegant vocals in the group’s songs. She was also described as the secret driving force behind the Spice Girls, with some tabloids dubbing her “The Dark Destroyer.” It was also during her years as a Spice Girl when she met footballer David Beckham, to whom she got engaged in 1998. David reportedly looked at her for the first time and immediately thought that she was the one for her, while Victoria confessed to her glasses “fogging up” during their first kiss.

After the Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham may not have been the most popular Spice Girl during their heyday, but she arguably has enjoyed the biggest success among all the girls post-Spice Girls. Since getting married to David Beckham in a lavish wedding ceremony in 1999 and establishing a huge home nicknamed “Beckingham Palace,” Victoria has been experiencing a mad tabloid frenzy, with photographers hounding her every step and photographing her and her family’s every move, even enduring the unwanted attention of stalkers threatening to harm her and her family.

She has managed to release a few singles during her time as a solo artist, such as “Out of Your Mind” which landed in number two after fierce competition from Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s “Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)”, “Not Such An Innocent Girl,” and “A Mind of Its Own.” Yet despite her musical success with the Spice Girls, it would turn out that her individual success did not lie in the field of music, but rather in simply being Victoria Beckham: fashion icon. Today, she is seen everywhere, from various TV specials to the covers of magazines to glitzy events all over the world.

Today, Victoria is a fashion powerhouse with her own label. Aside from that, she is also a doting mother to her sons Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, and her daughter Harper Seven.

Victoria Beckham’s solo albums

October 1, 2001 was the date when Victoria Beckham’s first and only album, simply named Victoria Beckham, dropped, flew off the shelves, and climbed all the way to number 10 in the UK’s album chart.


    1. Not Such An Innocent Girl
    2. A Mind of Its Own
    3. That Kind of Girl
    4. Like That

    5. Girlfriend
    6. Midnight Fantasy
    7. I.O.U.
    8. No Trix, No Games
    9. I Wish
    10. Watcha Talkin’ Bout
    11. Unconditional Love
    12. Every Part of Me

Books by Victoria Beckham

It’s very easy for the world to assume the worst about a Spice Girl and a fashion icon, so Victoria decided to set the record straight about herself in her first book, Learning to Fly: The Autobiography. And with the rest of the world aching to adopt at least a pinch of her now-famous fashion sense, Victoria also released a second book about fashion and beauty, entitled, That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between.