Thoughts on the Spice Girls' comeback


Teenagers who were little girls and women who were teenagers during the era of the Spice Girls–all fans of the all-girl group–were ecstatic at the news of a Spice Girls’ comeback. Each of the Spice Girls was immersed in her own project since the group last performed, and news and photos of two or more of the Spice Girls together were slowly emerging, leading people to conclude that a reunion was in the offing. And so it was. In June 2007, the Spice Girls–Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh, and Sporty–came out for photos and press conference announcing the details of their comeback tour. They were to perform all over the world–Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas–a prospect that had every fan rejoicing, particularly those who had never been able to catch them live.

The reunited Spice Girls showed solidarity during this time, supporting Emma during her pregnancy and rooting for Melanie Brown in Dancing With the Stars. They attended numerous events together and were photographed during dinner, airport arrivals, and other such situations. As more grown-up thirtysomethings, the Spice Girls displayed that they had changed over time. Most of them were already mothers, and they also grew out of their Spice Girls personas, dressing in a more stylish and adult manner rather than donning outrageously colorful outfits as they did in the past.

Their world tour kicked off in Toronto in December 2007, followed by numerous dates all over Canada and the United States. The fans in these countries wanted so much more of the Spice Girls that the group ended up adding more dates in these countries. Rumors floated around that the concerts scheduled in other countries would be canceled, something the girls disputed, stating that they had simply been rescheduled and that new tour dates would soon be announced. They never materialized.

The Spice Girls cut their comeback tour short in February 2008, having performed only in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Their concerts were reportedly breathtaking and slick, their clothes stunning, and their performances better than ever. Unfortunately, a large number of fans around the world never got to see how great these shows were and ended up feeling cheated. Many were resentful that the girls didn’t give a single thought to their other fans, catering only to a specific few.

The Spice Girls cited family obligations and other projects as the main reason for ending their tour, which didn’t really sit well with all their other fans. It’s true that they had already gone beyond the originally scheduled end of their tour, but despite that, they still weren’t able to find the time to squeeze in all the other cities where they were supposed to perform. It led fans to conclude that the Spice Girls simply cared about the money they stood to earn and the renewed fame from their comeback and that the girls didn’t really care about their fans at all. If they did, many reasoned, why couldn’t they have made the time to perform for ALL their fans? After all, their fan base wasn’t just limited to Europe and North America.

Their comeback tour may have showcased them as grown-up, stylish, and sophisticated women and as a pop group with staying power, but it was plain to see that the Spice Girls simply weren’t the same women who reveled in their imperfection and fully appreciated their fans. Instead of bringing closure to fans who never received a proper goodbye from the Spice Girls, their comeback left a large number of their fans dissatisfied and even more disillusioned with the group. And it doesn’t seem that the girls are planning to rectify this misstep at all.

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