Victoria and David scale back their staff


With a reported net worth of $200 million, you would think David and Victoria Beckham have nothing to worry about when it comes to their finances. But apparently, the fact that people in the U.S. are so brought down by the economy and their finances has gotten to Victoria, which is why, according to The Sun, she hired an accountant to find out where they can make some cuts in their spending. The accountant basically informed them that they’re pouring money down the drain, and so they had to let go of 14 out of their total 50 staffers across the globe, including six out of seven gardeners at their house in the South of France. Kind of makes you wonder about the financial future of the people they laid off, and perhaps it would also have been a good move if Posh and Becks opted to, I dunno, lose the penchant for high fashion and fancy cars, maybe?