Want to get a great body like Mel B’s?


Then you might be interested in her workout video, “Totally Fit,” which is set to come out on December 29.

Based on a simple 28-day plan that Mel B followed after the birth of her daughter, to shift excess baby weight, “Totally Fit” features a highly effective 60-minute ‘do at home’ fitness class plus four 10-minute workouts. These workouts focus on specific ‘problem’ areas, and the DVD is full of nutritional advice plus features Mel B divulging her tips and secrets for a healthy eating plan.

We’re not yet sure if we’re gonna buy this, but we gotta say, we’re mighty proud of Mel B for all her accomplishments this year!

Speaking of Mel B, she has also slammed the latest news talking about how she and Victoria aren’t on speaking terms at all, saying that she and her kids actually went to Romeo’s birthday party.